The Magic of Beginning

photoThere is nothing as special as welcoming NEW members of a school community.  We’ll introduce our new staff members in future posts, but today is all about our new 5th graders!  This is an historic class of kids, as they will be the last group of 5th graders to enliven our campus community; 5th grade will return to Neil Cummins and The Cove School in 2015/16.

Special thanks to our incredible WEB leaders Kelly Britton (Counselor) and Annie Adams (Math teacher) – they poured heart and soul into it and it showed!


Our students aren’t the only ones excited by new beginnings.  All of us in education feel the spark of the new school year – part excitement, part nervousness!  Whether we’re in our first-year or 20+ year veterans, we feel as excited as our kids do!  In their own words, here are some reasons why our incredible Cougar teachers are fired up about 2014/15!



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