Arts Integration in 8th Grade!


“To start off the year, students learned about the element of Line in both 2-D art class and in Language Arts.  They initially observed a variety of artworks by artists who use line in different ways and then practiced identifying, drawing, and naming lines.  In art class, they also drew lines to music in order to show how lines can portray sound, emotion, and energy.  In Language Arts, they brainstormed various ways the word line is used in language, such as in phrases like ‘crossing the line’ or ‘timeline’.  Finally, students were challenged to use line as an expression of the story of their day, their week, and their year.  In art class, they created reduction prints of intersecting lines to represent their first week of school and a day from that week, while in Language Arts they created drawings that use line to show 7th grade as compared with the prediction for 8th grade.” -Alexis Firsty, Art Teacher

felton IMG_0375 IMG_0379 IMG_0382 photonew doc 6_1 photo 1 photo 2

photo 4

photo 3

Gallery walk and self-evaluation are part of the process in Ms. Felton’s class.

line drawing

“In my line draw I first started with the infinity symbol. I did this because throughout the 7th grade I had many different emotions running through my head about school work and after school activities. I also put fire on top of the symbol because when I was going into the 7th grade all I was hearing was it’s going to be the hardest grade and there’s so much homework.  So the fire represents how the 7th grade was hard but not too hard because of the help I got from my peers and my teachers.  The third symbol is an arrow point ahead.  This arrow is there because in the 7th grade I was thinking a lot about my future like where I’m going to go to high school and what I need to do to get there.”


One thought on “Arts Integration in 8th Grade!

  1. Great Documentation….and I loved this lesson when I read it. So great to see the outcomes. Glad to see the students reflecting on their lives with art and writing.
    Liz LIndsley


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