Hall Walkathon: An Exercise in AMAZING!

WT 1

The entire Hall Middle student body and staff had a wonderful time under the hot sun last Friday, October 3, for our annual PTA Walkathon.

WT 2 WT 3


By day, he teaches Math and wears cool ties.  But come Walkathon time, Mr. Biblin finds catharsis in spraying down overheated walkers.  

WT 4

Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Nelson and Mr. Stoeckley don’t mind the heat (nor does the Cougar photo-bomber!).  We Keep Calm in no matter what!!

WT 5

No self-respecting Walkathon goes by without a selfie or two – and a fly-by Assistant Principal photo-bomb (free of charge).  Mr. McMullen takes it all in stride!

WT 6 WT 7

“Brick” is the ukelele-playing prince of Ms. King’s class and completed six laps!!!  An impressive feat for terra cotta!!

wt 8

We had a great soundtrack to accompany our efforts – awesome parent volunteers brought their beat-boxes (uh, that’s old-school talk for iPod speakers!!) and the rest of us rang cow-bells until…the cows came home!

Here’s a closing message from our spectacular PTA organizers!

Thanks so much for making the Walkathon a big success! Despite the hot weather, the students did a great job and walked their laps with a lot of school spirit and enthusiasm.

Now is the time for students to collect their pledges from family and friends. Please encourage your students to continue to solicit and collect pledges to support Hall. Between now and October 17, they can collect online at www.tinyurl.com/hall-walkathon or they can collect money through the pledge envelopes. Please collect the envelopes by Friday, October 17 and turn into Jeanette or Rebecca at the front desk.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work and support!


Grier Mathews & Heather Bludau

Hall Walkathon Co-Chairs

griermathews@mac.com; heatherbludau@sbcglobal.net

Hey…you didn’t think we’d let you go without posting ONE more selfie, did you???  Mr. Fester and friends seem to be enjoying themselves!!

WT 9


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