The Immensity of Learning! 5th Grade Science Camp @ Headlands Institute.


Our 5th graders spent three days and two nights together at Fort Cronkite in the Marin Headlands for Science Camp with Nature Bridge.  It was a special experience that will leave a deep learning imprint on all involved.  Listen to our CougarCast to hear from students, staff and parent chaperones, and read about the experience in the words of the students themselves.

We are grateful to SPARK for their continued support of this magical learning experience.

Mr. Emmons/Ms. Owens’s Outdoor Ed Blog.


Mr. Reiter, Mr. Song, Mr. Owens and Ms. Weltzien are ready to tackle any kind of learning adventure after the months of planning that went into Science Camp.


Battery Townsley.


People come from around the world to see this view.


Students studied watersheds and drew visualizations of the journey a water molecule takes. The water we’re drinking right now might have been in a glacier, hung out in an underground aquifer, floated inside a cloud, and/or been drunk by a duck!

OE6 Oe7

OE 1

Experiential education requires that we have a “hard core” mentality – or, in the case of these kids, eating the WHOLE apple! A few of us adults tried it for the first time ever as well – not bad!


Cheese blocks, Goldfish, carrots, a view of the ocean and Mount Tamalpais – ingredients for a perfect lunch.

oe10 oe11 oe12

Yeah we know all about what it takes to be a Cougar!!!


Team-building exercise at the end of Day 3: get everyone across using only two planks and no touching the ground! Teamwork and collaboration are skills we all continue to refine throughout life!


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