What Are We Grateful For?


Dancing figure courtesy of Maggie, Carly and Katy in Firsty’s 3D Art.

What are we grateful for? The time of year calls on us to reflect on this question.  Expressing gratitude isn’t just a nice thing to do when Thanksgiving comes around; research shows that it has tangible benefits! Ms. Felton’s class recently read this:

“Now, researchers are finding that gratitude brings similar benefits in children and adolescents. Kids who feel and act grateful tend to be less materialistic, get better grades, set higher goals, complain of fewer headaches and stomach aches and feel more satisfied with their friends, families and schools than those who don’t.” (Wall Street Journal)


Tree of Gratitude in the 5th Grade hallway

One of Mr. Song’s 5th graders, Jack Barnes, recently wrote an essay on what he is grateful for:

“Right now I will tell you about the things in the world that I’m grateful for are related to the five senses. I’m grateful for hearing bird’s outside whenever im mad or nervous. I’m also grateful for having a permission to listen to music because it calms me. The thing that I enjoy the most is the wind because sometimes it whistles and it reminds me of nature

I enjoy going going to my grandparents and tasting a thanksgiving dinner because it gets families to meet with each other. What I also enjoy is to make homemade food no store bought.  My favorite thing to taste over all is anything because i’m thankful for.

Now I am going to list the things down that we can all feel and still be thankful for. the thing that i’m grateful for isn’t visible, it’s wind because even if it is really warm the breeze cools it down. My second favorite thing to feel is a fork or a spoon because that usually means that i’m eating dinner with my family or friends. Over all i’m grateful for being able to feel because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to be thankful.

I am also grateful for smell because without it I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the smell of anything. One example is the smell of tree’s because it reminds me of camping and having fun in the mountains. Also when i’m at my grandmas house to smell the dinner before its ready but it always smells good.

Personally I think all of the senses matter but I think that smell are one of the best because without it I wouldn’t be able to be thankful for anything.”


Cougar students doing community service by donating pies to Casa Alegra.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on what we feel grateful for, however we can find ways to practice – and express – gratitude every day.  With such a fabulous community of students, staff and parents, this is easy to do!


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