Expanded Paintings in Studio Art with Ms. Firsty



For this painting project, students selected a small, zoomed-insection of a well-known painting by a famous artist. The first challenge was to observe the small section of the painting and copy it as precisely as possible by matching shapes, textures, and colors.

Then, students were challenged to envision something that was inspired by the small painting and create another small painting from their imagination. The final challenge of this project was that students had to combine both small paintings and expand them and connect them into one larger painting. The goal was to create one unified composition that incorporates both small paintings so that they are hidden within.

Can you find the small section from a famous painting?

Can you guess who the original artist was?

IMG_9236 IMG_9235 IMG_9234 IMG_9233 IMG_9232 IMG_9231

Alexis Firsty, Studio Art Teacher



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