Hall Seed Lending Library – National Recognition!

Hall Middle School4web

Annika and Jack – Seed Librarians!

National Recognition for Hall Seed Lending Library

Four years ago, a group of five 6th graders in Ms. Newburn’s Earth Science class started the Hall Seed Lending Library as part of the Mission Sustainable Project. Since then, each year several students have volunteered to be seed librarians to maintain the collection. Recently two students and Mrs. Halpern were acknowledged for their work in this American Libraries magazine article.

If you haven’t used the seed library, you and your family can check out seeds for free from the seed library for planting in your own garden. The idea is that your plant some seed and let some go to seed, which can be returned for others to borrow. Plants that have a “super easy” icon, ex. peas and fava beans, can easily be saved if you’ve never saved seeds before.

Richmond Seed Library, Richmond, California

Ms. Newburn with a young “seedling”

February is a great time to plant collards, chives, leeks, radish, broccoli, peas, celery, spinach, & Brussels sprouts. Stop by the seed library to get your seeds. If you have never used the seed library before then make sure you have a membership form (find it in the binder) and watch the video at http://hallseedlibrary.weebly.com/.


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