Cougar Basketball: the Definition of TEAM!

 6th grade boys after a victory against Venetia Valley. 

Mr. McMullen and Mr. Nelson coached the 6th grade boys in the King Mountain League. It was a fun year, as most of our team was first time ball players. We really focused on just improving every single practice and every single game. Our goal was to play better every single game, regardless of the score. We had a slow start to the season, but strung a few wins together as our team started to gel. It was exciting to see how far so many of our players have come during the season. The team we were at the end of the season was unrecognizable from team we started with, because the boys were so vastly improved. We had a few guys in particular who became real team leaders, and stepped up their play. Jay McConnell and Nathan Hirsh (not sure about the spelling on those names) took charge and really led us to victory in a few of our games. We gave MLK, who went undefeated in the regular season, a tough playoff game where we led most of the first half. Eventually they pulled out the victory, but our boys left with their heads held high. 

This year our 6th/7th grade Girls Basketball team had the largest turnout, resulting with a roster of 19 players! We established a Friday Hoops Club to allow more time for players to work on their skills and gain experience prior to playing in competitive league games. We had players of all levels come together and hustle hard to make it to the playoffs for the first time. Whether it be a brand new player making the first shot of the game, or a seasoned player utilizing full court press to achieve 3 steals complete with baskets in less than a minute, all of the girls worked hard and played hard this season.
We want to thank ALL of our staff members who have coached this year – an incredible commitment of time, energy, and passion for helping our students have a memorable learning experience in and out of the classroom at Hall Middle! Ms. Gascon, Ms. Britton, Mr. Rembrandt, Mr. Biblin, Mr. Evans, Mr. McMullen, Mr. Nelson – and our Athletic Director Mr. Johnston!


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