Kinetic Sculptures in Ms. Fry’s Digital Art Class


Ms. Fry has been working with 5th graders over the last few weeks to have them construct interactive sculptures using a variety of media, including Little Bits circuits. She had the students work in teams and gave them one additional constraint: design and execute their sculpture in one class period. Here is a very interesting article on how architects and engineers view constraints – not as obstacles, rather as gateways to deeper resourcefulness and innovative thinking.

This assignment is a perfect example of Design Thinking in action. As you can see in the image below, students experience each phase of the design thinking process in creating their pieces: Empathize (with each other’s ideas), Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test.

design thinking

Please listen to the students themselves describe their design process, and how they worked through challenges, in our most recent edition of our CougarCast.


IMG_1456 IMG_1458 IMG_1454


IMG_1453 IMG_1452



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