Kindness Is…

img_5711What is kindness? Kindness is a word on our Cougar Code poster – but, more importantly, kindness is an action, an attitude, a state of mind, a way of being. Kindness is something you can see, feel, hear, touch – and when someone shares with you something delicious to eat, it is something you can taste as well!

The theme of our first quarter of school is Kindness. Our amazing Leadership students accepted a challenge posed by administration and created this video in three days, which we debuted at Back To School Night last week:

Leadership students also decided to celebrate staff by going around with a coffee cart last week.


Staff hand out “Caught Being Kind” tickets to students they see engaged in acts of kindness – we are proud to recognize them on our signboard every week.

img_5785 img_5786

Our campus awoke to a blossoming Kindness Tree on Thursday. Unknown students created this on their own, without adult prompting. Words on paper make deep impressions; who among us will remember this moment as long as we live?


In Advisory class on Wednesday, six 6th graders decided they would take action to address the recent hate crime incident at Redwood High School – as well as instances of hateful language and symbols found on our own campus. They let their administration know on no uncertain terms that they would be delivering this message of love and support right away to Redwood – kindness activists formulating an idea together and asserting it into reality.


A student reflected on these events during our Advisory debrief:

I don’t think that our community really thought this event would happen. When it happened it shocked us all. As a community we can learn from this event and become more aware of the outcomes. Not only did this affect the victim but is affected all of us and we need a solution. I think one thing we could do is raise awareness. Talk about it during assemblies and have our teachers talk about it. To try to prevent this we could get students involved. Just something simple they could do is eat lunch with someone they don’t usually eat with. They can just give a few acts of kindness.

Not all acts of kindness are noticed or celebrated – they still make a difference. The smallest gesture can be the highlight of someone’s day…and potentially be something they remember forever.


Hall Middle School is a place where kindness blossoms. At times we will experience difficulties; at times we will be challenged by things that are profoundly unkind – whether on campus or out in the community. Those will be the moments that define us more than any other – coming together to assert everyone’s right to be welcome, safe and accepted.


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