#TeacherAppreciationWeek Photo Essay (and Thank You Card)

Teachers team up to seek greatness – victory (for kids) is the only option!

It is Teacher Appreciation Week. Let’s press pause on the kinetic bustle of their daily work with 520 energetic adolescents to enumerate all the things that teachers do – and all the ways they make our school, community and society a greater place for ALL.

Teachers are thinkers, dreamers, artists, creators, innovators. (Image courtesy Amy Burvall)

Teachers get into the spirit of whatever the occasion – and they go all out in doing so!

Teachers suit up and play alongside students – how about Capture the Flag for lunch?!

Teachers take learning (and flying) outdoors – theory and practice! Mt. Tam approves.

Teachers close up their classrooms at 3:20 and head over to the gym or field to coach – helping kids learn through teamwork and competition.

Teachers spend time learning together (after school Arts Integration workshop).

Teachers make every kid feel like they are home.  (Every day, every period for Mr. Beach!)

Teachers dance for the joy of it (and the merriment of others!).

Teachers take in every note and measure growth moment by moment (riff by riff).

Teachers find out when students need something and go get it (like this bike).

Teachers create beautiful children of their own.

I remember the geranium I planted in kindergarten in a styrofoam cup (I had it until high school). I remember my 4th grade teacher telling us that her goal was to help us learn to love reading (I absolutely love to read). I remember my first day of 9th grade Spanish; the teacher strode into the room and we began practicing the pronunciation of Spanish place names in California (tee-bu-ROHN). I had him for three of my four years in high school, and regret the year that he wasn’t my teacher.

I could feel his energy, passion and dedication course through me every day for the 10 years I taught Spanish. My own students never met him – but, in the deepest sense, they did know him.

Teachers, above all else, create memories, and those memories become a part of the person we grow into – our interests, our insights, our confidence.

How to thank a teacher for all they do? Maybe there is no adequate way. From what I know about teachers, I’d say the most wonderful prize of all is the simple acknowledgement – a thank you at the end of class, a high five, appreciating a lesson they spent their weekend crafting.

Commitment. Dedication. Passion. Service. Mentorship. Striving to see every child succeed. Working to uphold the best ideals in the wider culture. Teachers…

…you mean more to us than we could ever properly express. You are our anchor and our inspiration. We offer you our deepest gratitude.


Eric Saibel, Principal



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