Learning doesn’t have a fixed geography or timeframe.  Each of us learns in our own way, and there is a certain mystery to why each of us is drawn to our unique set of interests. Some of these interests follow us throughout our lives; we may discover others when we’re 80!

Our campus, and the three years our Cougars spend here, represent a geography and time signature in which those learning styles and interests intersect. Each student will have a different experience, and will spend time thinking about their own path as learners while also seeing the world through the eyes of their peers and their teachers.

Our primary goal as a school is to sustain and nourish the innate curiosity and joy we feel about learning from the time we are born.

This blog represents another facet of our learning geography. We invite all voices from our community to contribute their words and images to this forum. We’ll have some established themes month to month, and there is always space for “free choice” in what we share.

More schools are finding ways to have parents, students and staff learn from each other and about each other; some great examples are below.

John Swett Elementary (Martinez, CA)

Leyden High Schools (Chicago, IL)

Star Academy K-5 (Natomas, CA)

Bettendorf High School (Iowa)


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