Hall Middle Through the Eyes of Our New Teachers

 IMG_5293New Cougar energy radiates between Mt. Tamalpais (in the fog) and our very own “milpa” (cornfield)!
For our new teachers’ first day on campus we decided to take a walkabout and take pictures of things that inspired/interested us and things that prompted questions for further investigation.
20160810_104657 20160810_105347

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Images and Words to Begin Our Year Together

IMG_4802Our year together begins! We will share our thoughts on these words/images on August 11 and make connections between them and our three key Areas of Focus for 2016/17:

  • Clear, cohesive, consistent expectations for all students
  • Building relationships every day
  • Celebrating each other

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Blackout Poems in 6th Grade Core w/Ebanks!


Black Out Poetry is a way that allows emerging poets to “let the poetry find you.” Blackout poetry focuses on rearranging words to create a different meaning. blackout poem is when a poet takes a marker (usually black marker) to already established text–like in a newspaper–and starts redacting words until a poem is formed.

We first learned how to do this with Michelle Holdt in the ILSP-A course.  This course allows us to integrate art into every facet of ELA instruction and keep instruction relevant and fun for all students! – Ms. Ebanks


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Hall Cougars Go To the Halls of Congress (and Other Places in DC!)

image1Cougars just hangin’ out with Congressman Jared Huffman!

“Our annual pilgrimage to D.C. is always an 8th grade highlight for many reasons. Students get a chance to see first-hand the places, documents, and monument we’ve been studying all year creating strong connections between the theoretical way we studied how our country works in the classroom and the actual reality of nation and its history. Walking up Capitol Hill, strolling through the Smithsonian, or staring up at Lincoln’s imposing statue are all provide experiential opportunities that aren’t easily forgotten.

But the memories made and lesson learned on this trip aren’t just relegated to history and civics experiences. There is the day we spent hiking in the Shenandoah where some of our students encountered their first bear, the feeling of accomplishment linked to making it to the top of a two story climbing wall, or the lesson in moderation that our stop at the Golden Corral buffet helped teach. Teachable moments are all around us, especially on a class trip.” – Mr. Fester

Interesting looking classroom…  IMG_4854 IMG_4969 IMG_5031
Diving deep in the Luray Caverns.
IMG_5058  IMG_6205 IMG_6312 IMG_6315

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Making Science Visible At Hall!


The natural world inspires awe and wonder – in kids and adults alike!

Our amazing 7th grade teachers organized a field trip to the California Academy of Sciences for 169 energetic Cougars with an important goal in mind: Making Science Visible at Hall Middle School. Thanks to incredible support from the SPARK foundation, and 25+ parent chaperones, we had an exciting, memorable day together in San Francisco!




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24 Hours of SPARK!

IMG_3836On any given day at Hall Middle, students are creating new ideas, images and sounds. They are combining and cross-pollinating concepts from various disciplines in unique ways. Through the generous support of parents and businesses to the SPARK foundation, we are able to staff positions in Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) that give every student in the Larkspur-Corte Madera School District exposure to myriad creative methods and media.

The images below represent just one day of school at Hall. Each image shows the direct correlation between parent/community support of SPARK and the student learning experience at our school.

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Ceaselessly Shifting Skyscapes Over Hall!


Our campus is situated in a unique setting. We look up at the summit of Mount Tamalpais; salt water inlets from the San Francisco Bay are a few steps away from our playing fields. The sky is one aspect of our surrounding landscape that is constantly in flux. We shared some of our favorite “cloudscapes” from last year; here are just of a few of the glances we’ve taken skywards over the course of the first three months of the school year.


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