“We Are One” Tile Mosaic – Another Ms. Firsty Masterpiece!

The newly installed ‘We Are One’ ceramic tile mural was a collaboration between many people. Initially started in Ms. Firsty’s Public Art Club, the idea was to express how the theme of ‘We Are One’ is a commitment to inclusivity, because it is all of our differences that come together to make us one Hall community.

The tiles were handmade out of clay by students in the Public Art Club and in Ms. Firsty’s 8th Grade Studio Art classes. Students in Mr. Stoeckley’s ‘IDEA’ class also designed tiles, as did many other students, teachers and staff who came after school and during lunches to contribute to the project. Each tile contains an image that represents the person who created it, and some tiles have raised areas that together spell out ‘WE ARE ONE’.

After the tiles were made out of clay and the designs were built, carved, and etched into the surface, the tiles were bisque fired in the kiln. Once cool, they were hand-painted with underglazes and then with a clear gloss glaze. They returned to the kiln for a last firing before being arranged into the final design by the Public Art Club.

Ms. Firsty and a team of students mixed up cement mortar and attached the tiles to the bench in front of the office one by one. Mr. Rodgers also assisted Ms. Firsty with the grouting and sealing of the mural. The installation process took four very hot days, but it was worth the hard work in order to see the final results, which are now a permanent fixture on our school campus.

Ms. Firsty would like to thank Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Stoeckley, Eleanor Lawson, Hannah Ritola, Caitlin Underwood, Daniela Durkin, Sarah Goody, Abby Call, and the many teachers, staff, and students who helped make tiles for the project.

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